Our Approach

Pinnacle achieves its investment objectives by acquiring lower middle market companies and then employing a hands-on operational approach to unlocking and growing value post close. The strategy principally focuses on mature businesses that meet some or all of the following investment criteria: an established and loyal customer base, mission-critical products and/or services, recurring or predictable revenues, sizable market share, business to business relationships and underperformance due to strategic, operational, organizational and/or financial challenges. The firm does not focus on any particular industry, preferring to maintain a diversified portfolio of businesses.

loafing is treasonous.
— Unknown

Investment Criteria

Seller Profile:

- Public & Private Corporations

- Private Equity Firms

- Privately Held Companies

Investment Characteristics:

- Revenue $10mm plus

- EBITDA – Negative to $5mm

- Industry agnostic

- Mature businesses

- Facing operational, financial, organizational and/or strategic challenges

- Sizable market share

- Growth prospects

- Mission critical products and services

- Business to business relationships

- Recurring and/or predictable revenues